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Garden Maintenance

Garden Maintenance

We, the team of Professional Gardeners North London, offer all year round maintenance Autumn, Winter, Summer, Spring.

Everyone wants to have a beautiful garden, however not everyone has the time for it. For the best care of your garden we offer all aspects of regular maintenance and seasonal works. Routine visits fortnightly, monthly or even weekly visit. We can restore gardens back to its original design and we can offer on going maintenance for small or large yard with formative pruning and planting schemes and development is on going. Winter pruning, leaf clearance, plant care, small tree pruning are only a part of the services offered by Professional Gardeners North London.


Garden Maintenance

Professional Gardeners North London


Garden clearance

Professional Gardeners North London


Looking after your garden

Professional Gardeners North London


Jet washing

Professional Gardeners North London



Professional Gardeners North London



Professional Gardeners North London

Trust the professionals

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Why Choose Us?

Years of experience

The team of Professional Gardeners North London has a significant experience in all aspects of regular garden maintenance and other gardening services.

We are close to you

We operate in three North London areas, as follow: Northern, NorthWest, Enfield.

Professional equipment

We have all the latest gardening equipment needed for your garden maintenance.

Everyday availability

As we know your days are very busy, we could serve your garden either on the weekends, or during Bank holidays as well.

On-Site Consultations

The team of Urban Gardeners North London offers you visiting you for discussing your needs and providing you a quote.